Police Brutality In The UK Is Not New

If I had a pound for every tweet that suggested that the UK is following in Americas foot steps when it comes to police brutality, I would be bloody rich.

Police brutality here in the U.K. Is not new, it has been going on for years. The way it is represented here is simply different to the way it is represented in America. America seems to have this careless attitude towards black lives hence why the racism over there is so direct and in your face. Whereas here in the UK it is more subtle it's normally racism disguised as an ignorant comment.

After news of Rashan Charles death and the horrible video of his death circulated social media, people started talking about the sadly familiar treatment that black people face when coming into contact with the police, liking it to the way the police in the US treat black people.
Recording police interactions has become an instinctive response for black people, as our own verbal reports of police brutality continues to be ignored. Even video…

Understanding & Utilising Your Privilege

I have already spoken about Understanding White Privilege on my blog, but after watching a few videos on YouTube I've realised that I haven't spoken about the privileges a lot of us have. We are bound to have one or more types of privileges. We all understand white privilege, and the not so subtle ways it is displayed. But do we understand and utilise our own privileges? What are you doing with your privilege?

The idea for this post came after watching Seren's PSA Systematic Oppression Is Not The Same As Individual Experiences.

Seren confronts comments like "white people treat me fine so I don't know why you're complaining". A common response when black people speak on their experiences. People tend to get personal experiences confused with systematic oppression. Everyone is going to experience different things, not every black person is going to to be treated badly, that's a given but black people are systematically oppressed. White people can be ni…

Curly Treats Festival

Curly Treats Festival (formally Natural Hair Week) Is a celebration of curly hair. As I have never been to an event like this I really didn't know what to expect other lots of hair, lots of brands and hella melanin. As I expected the rooms were full of hair of all textures, the melanin was poppin' and black business owners were in their element.

~ I got my Curly Treats Festival ticket through Ronke Lawal founder of Ariatu PR, who had my name added to the press list.

Me and Shahira (AfroGlory) went with the flow and had a look through all the stalls. We both only signed up for the 'Make Your Own Natural Hair Products workshop'. So we spent most of the day shopping and discovering new brands.

Only a few minutes into the event and we managed to pick up a soap sample from My Naturals by odOrganics and secured a seat to watch the premier of 'Back to Natural' a short documentary selected by British Urban Film Festival (BUFF). I didn't prepare myself for the mass …

Adzvice #PUSH Event

Adzvice is the go to spot for advice and guidance!

Ade the creator of Adzvice did tell us at the #BBBSocial Event that he had an event coming up, so when pay day came around I made sure I got my ticket #priorities.

I didn't want to miss out on anything, so I made sure I saw all the speakers.


Bola Sol // Self Development & Money Matters

Bola started off the talks with her experiences with university, money and self development. She had a lot of interesting points, some I was already familiar with and others that I definitely needed to hear. She explored many areas that I’m sure a lot people can relate to like; the fear of failure, entitlement, diversification, energy, improving your credit and having/ managing multiple streams of income
Bola reminded us that we shouldn’t let the fear of failure own us. Failure is an opportunity for us to learn something, a chance for us to grow - “Failure can be turned around”.
Bola made me look at the whole “don’t push yourself too far”

What Does Success Look Like?

Everything happens for a reason and it all happens at the right time.

During a low period, I turned to social media to ask for some help. I needed some advice on improving my mood. Desylvia from Dkuncovered suggested reading or watching The Secret and directed me to Melanie Kate Love and Simply Ney youtube channels. Two ladies who share videos on the law of attraction.

I was already aware of The Secret and had watched some of the video years ago and heard my mother speak about the book. As great as it all seemed, I didn't take much notice too it at the time

If you're unfamiliar with The Secret, it is a book/DVD that encourages people to live a positive life, by speaking everything into existence. They focus on the power of the mind and universe. The universe will give you what you want if you already believe you have it, but you have to stay grateful and constantly work on having a positive mindset.

Fast forward to now and my mum is back on The Secret, and my new boss is also …